Cultural heritage development projects

From exhibitions to reconstructions

Implementation of exhibitions and museum areas: we undertake full implementation and management of exhibitions from design to the development of interactive applications. In the past 15 years, we created multi-storey annexes for buildings, museum cafés and presentation rooms for museums. We participated in the implementation of a scientific base also containing a display storage room and the full renovation of the historical building and the museum. This project included the implementation of a museum shop, an exclusive café and innovative exhibition areas.

Construction of historical rooms: we also use our expertise concerning the knowledge of the past beyond archaeological excavations and exhibitions. With the management of our professionals, we construct authentic building parts and furniture for movies and shows.

Artefact replicas

We create authentic artefact replicas for exhibitions, archaeological parks, room furnishings and museum shops. We also create palpable replicas for the blind and visually impaired: for example, ceramic pots, bronze age swords and spearheads, sickles and other iron tools, armlets, armbands, Avar belt ends and buckles, Roman, Celtic and Gothic brooches and coins.



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