Built areas

Implementation of exhibitions and museum areas: we implement and manage the whole process of exhibitions from planning and designing, through setting up the exhibition and developing interactive applications. Our previous works include the implementation of a multi-storey annex for a building, a museum café and a presentation room. We participated in the development of a scientific archaeological base, which includes a display storage room of archaeological finds. We also implemented a complete renewal of a historic building and a museum. This project included the implementation of a museum shop, an exclusive café and innovative exhibition areas.

Development of historical interiors: Apart from the implementation of archaeological parks and exhibitions, we also use our archaeological and historical experience and our specialists to implement authentic building parts and furniture for movies and performances.

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Built areas

We make authentic replicas of archaeological artefacts for exhibitions, archaeological parks, room furnishing and museum shops. We also make palpable replicas for the blind and visually impaired. For example, ceramic vessels, bronze age swords and spearheads, sickles and other iron tools, armlets, bracelets, Avar belt ends and buckles, Roman, Celtic and Gothic brooches and coins.



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