In modern archaeological research interdisciplinary analyses play an essential role. In several cases interdisciplinary analyses give more information than on-site observations allow. Laboratory analysis of finds provide valuable information on the life of former communities.

We maintain continuous work relationships with several scientists all over Europe in carrying out scientific and research activities. This professional community guarantees that the information obtained during the excavation is evaluated with state-of-the-art techniques and from various aspects.

Using our international cooperation and relationships,
we provide interdisciplinary analysis for our partners
with as favourable conditions as possible


Metallurgiai Metallurgy (XRF) This method analyses the composition and alloys of metal objects without using gas or vacuum. By using an intense X-ray beam it analyses the composition of metal objects quickly and accurately. Köeszköz és nyersanyag Stone tool analysis and petrography The analysis of stone tools involve the identification of production technology and the raw material of stone. Provenancing stone is used to identify networks of relationships that may have been characteristic of the analysed period or communities. környezetrekonstrukció Environmental reconstruction and palinology During environmental reconstruction core samples are analysed to reconstruct the former paleo-environment. Archaeobotanikai vizsgálat Archaeobotany Our seed and plant collection contains the most important plant species in Europe.
Archeozoológiai vizsgálat Archaeozoology Archaeozoology is the identification and analysis of animal remains and the interpretation of results from various aspects. Apart from the identification and analysis of animal bones, it provides information on human animal relationships, consumption habits and cultural characteristics. Kerámia vizsgálat Ceramic petrography During petrographic analysis ceramic thin sections are analysed by a polarising microscope. Petrographic analysis provides information on the technological features of ceramics, that may have been characteristic of the analysed period or of certain communities. Dendrokronológiai vizsgálat Dendrochronology Dendrochronology is a scientific method of dating tree rings. It is an absolute dating method in a long term, it dates trees with the accuracy of one year. Régészeti antropológiai vizsgálat Physical anthropology It provides information on the anthropological characteristics of former communities and on their life style and consumption habits. 14C szénizotópos kormeghatározás Radiocarbon dating It is a method for determining the age of organic materials. Archaeogenetikai vizsgálat Archaeogenetics It is a study of ancient DNA. The interpretation of genetic data is carried out according to very strict scientific standards.


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