More than 22 realised projects internationally


More than 100 large scale excavations


full time professionals

About us

Salisbury Archaeology is one of the significant private companies in archaeological and conservation works in Europe. As an international company it provides services in several countries for all phases of archaeological works and also in different fields of heritage protection by applying state of the art technologies.

Our philosophy

Archaeology is a never-ending source of understanding our past, therefore, conforming with modern requirements, we continuously disseminate our results and deliver public benefit through different platforms including social media as well. We provide news on what our specialists found at excavations, how prehistoric people lived their everyday life and how some of the aspects of prehistoric life survived in present day societies.

Our projects

About us

  • 7 500 000m2 geophysical survey
  • More than 100 large-scale excavations
  • 3 000 000 m2 rescue excavations
  • 70 000 m2 multi-layered excavations in urban sites
  • Continuously increasing international archaeological team
    (Dutch, French, German, Austrian and Hungarian archaeologists)
  • 100 full time professionals
  • 5 conservators, modern laboratories
  • Wide range of interdisciplinary analyses
  • Exhibition planning and implementation
  • Archaeological projects from the Lascaux cave to the tells of Mesopotamia

Our history


Our international team

Our scientific and technological investments and strong economic background, allow us to carry out extensive professional cooperation in which an efficient international team works together. Thanks to the expertise of our scientists, several cross-border cooperation and contracts were carried out.


Our international team includes archaeologists who are familiar with the excavation and archaeological documentation protocols of the different countries; field technicians and specialists who carry out post-excavation scientific works. In the cooperation, scientists, coming from countries with extensive archaeological traditions, share their experience, which result in fruitful outcomes. As a result, scientific problems and heritage protection objectives are realised from different perspectives.


Salisbury Archaeology is a professional organisation where highly trained, versatile and creative specialists produce original and valuable results. We continuously increase the number of our international cooperation and participate in archaeological projects in several EU countries and in UNESCO projects.

Public engagement

Our aims also include the support of scientific projects, exhibitions, publications, conferences, rescue- and planned excavations. We established the VICUS TEUTO Heritage Protection Foundation, which supports projects considered deserving of financial support. The foundation provides international scholarships in several European universities for archaeologists and conservator students, financing their master’s degree or post gradual studies. The foundation organises several informative and museum pedagogical events. Our programs for children offer an opportunity to get them interested in history, but we believe that the history of the past speaks to all age groups.


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