The Largest-known Bronze Age Burial Site ever Discovered in Hungary

In the second half of 2018, the largest Bronze Age cemetery of Hungary was found by Salisbury archaeologists during the archaeological excavations on the M30 near Encs, Northern-Hungary. By the end of November, more than a thousand, about 1,200-1,300 graves had been discovered and archaeologists expected another 800 burials to find. The Middle Bronze Age cemetery belongs to the Füzesabony culture.

‘Besides the many questions raised by the achaeological material we have found, there are also curiosities that researches will enjoy,’ said Áron Dávid archaeologist, head of operations. A hair ring made of electrum (naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver), a big clay car model, red ocher graves and an about 3,600-year-old bronze axe were also found.

‘This cemetery is likely to become one of the milestones of the Hungarian Bronze Age research in the next twenty years,’ Áron Dávid said.

After the field work, the archaeological material is sent to the territorially competent Musuem Hermann Ottó in Miskolc to be analysed and interpreted by professionals.

Watch TV news report about the archaeological excavation.

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