Salisbury Archaeology is a corporate member of the EAA

Salisbury Archaeology is supporting the work of the Association of European Archaeologists (EAA) as corporate member. Our objectives are the promotion of:

• the development of archaeological research and the exchange of archaeological information;
• the management and interpretation of the European archaeological heritage;
• proper ethical and scientific standards for archaeological work;
• the interests of professional archaeologists in Europe;
• cooperation with other organizations with similar aims.

The EAA is a non-lucrative organization created in 1994 and was granted participatory status with the Council of Europe in 2003. Within this cooperation, EAA supplies information to the CoE and publicizes its activities related to the standards and the implementation of the archaeology in Europe. In addition to this professional support, the implementation of the Malta convention remains a priority. In Hungary, the European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage of 16 January 1992, signed in Valletta, entered into force in May 1995.

The European Journal of Archaeology, recognized as one of the best archaeology journal issued in Europe, is a quarterly publication by EAA.

For more details visit the EAA website.

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