Reuvensdagen 2018 Commemorating the 1000-year-victory of Diederik in Vlaardingen

Reuvensdagen 2018

This year, the national Dutch archaeology conference known as Reuvensdagen is held in Vlaardingen, next to Rotterdam.

The choice of the place is not a coincidence. Henry II, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire sent an army towards Holland to subdue Count Dirk III in 1018, exactly 1000 years ago. The Battle of Vlaardingen, tremendous victory for Dirk III, permitted to the warlord to continue levying tolls on the river Meuse.

Unlike the medieval warlord, the Mayor of Vlaardingen welcomes the invasion of the archaeologist troops.

Exhibitor at Reuvensdagen for the last couple of years, Salisbury Archeology seeks always to surprise the visitors. After the big installation with in-situ graves last last year, we focus on the digital in-situ potentials and the benefits of 3D scanning on archaeological excavations this year.

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