Restoration of the Teylingen sword for South-Holland province

Salisbury Archaeology has been commissioned by the archaeological warehouse of South-Holland province (Provinciaal Archeologisch Depot Zuid-Holland) to the restoration of a medieval sword discovered by a voluntary archaeologist in the 80’s when investigating the moat auround the Castle of Teylingen (Voorhout).

The Teylingen sword can be related to the sheath group Oakeshott XVIa of the local classification (late 13th-early 14th century). Swords of this type are reinforced and decorated, their blade is narrover and pointer than those made earlier. Its ribbed leather-covered grip is studded with brass pins on both sides. Based on its length, the wearer of the sword of Teylingen must have been a remarkably tall knight.

The restoration work included the stabilization and replacement of the loose, fragmented leather covering the grip. The sword will be on display later this month.

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