Investigations prior to the construction of Austrian Autobahn A5 (7.5 ha)

Work in progress: archaeological investigations prior to the construction works of A5 Nord/Weinviertel-Autobahn in Austria

In 2017, Salisbury Archaeology, the only foreign applicant, was the successful bidder of a procurement procedure for archaeological works to be realized on the Nord Autobahn A5 in lower Austria. The objective of the contracting authority, ASFINAG, the Austrian state motorway builder and operator, was to appoint a suitably experienced economic operator to carry out archaeological survey and excavation works for a section of the future motorway A5 scheme. The project consists of 4 (supposed) archaeological sites on a total area of ​​7.5 hectares.






Smoker pits: combustion chamber and smokehouse from the 18th century


The Autobahn A5 between Vienna-Brno will link the Austrian capital to the Czech border. The construction began in 2007 with a motorway section leading off by a Vienna Outer Ring expressway. An extension of the A5 from Schrick to Poysbrunn was completed in December 2017.

Salisbury Archaeology takes part in the 3rd stage of the works: the construction of a 9 km section linking Poysbrunn and the border. This extension of the A5 all the way to the Czech border will continue as the Czech D52, forming a continuous motorway link between Vienna and Brno. The operations focuses on the Drasenhofen bypass including non-invasive (earthwork surveys) and invasive archaeological investigations (trial trenching, mitigation/data recovery, and post-excavation assessment, analysis, reporting and publication).

The investigation works started in autumn 2017.

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