Geophysical Survey of Villers-Cotterêts Castle, France

Our company is commissioned by the Centre des monuments nationaux to carry out the geophysical survey of the castle Villers-Cotterêts (Aisne). The building, currently in poor condition, will be home to a Centre de la Francophonie after its renovation in 2022.

For the first phase of the survey project subsequent to a preliminary diagnostic to prepare field work we used a GPR. This consisted of the detection and mapping of any subsurface artifacts or features and covering 14,630 m2 of courtyards, indoor and outdoor gardens and was carried out by our team in early July.

The geophysical survey of the entire site surrounding the castle (park area) will be conducted in September by ou team. For this, we already did test measurements (by magnetometer, electrical resistance and electromagnetic conductivity meter) on the field to determine the most effective method.




We will show you the reserach results once the project is completed.


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