Archaeological Excavation near Seregélyes (Hungary) 9,4 ha

Project title:
Realization of full archaeological research works on the sites Mészáros-tanya, Réti-földek, Belmajor and Rác-völgy-dűlő (near Seregélyes, Hungary)

Short description:

Archaeological investigations, carried out prior to a linear infrastructure project, and in accordance with the professional protocol of the Hungarian National Museum, Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management. The preliminary assessment (trial trenching) revealed the likely presence of four major sites, of which three were evaluable. The excavation revealed that the northwestern area before the town of Seregélyes was already inhabited in the Neolithic Age and in the following periods of the Prehistory. The area comprises a settlement and a burial site. The settlement traces of the population of the Late Iron Age and early Roman times are in the area situated at a lower level, close to the, once natural, watercourses. In the south of Seregélyes, evidences of the existence of a regular burial grounds in the Middle and Late Avar age and of an extensive village in the 11th to 14th centuries (Arpad age) have been discovered.

Research area: 93,768 m².
Excavation director: Tibor Hable (Salisbury Kft).

Name and address of contractor:
Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management (1014 Budapest, Táncsics Mihály utca 1.)

Comprehensive execution of the following archaeological tasks: preparation and direction of archaeological excavation project, excavation of features, completion of professional archaeology and archaeological technical work, geodetic measurements, data recording, georeferencing, documentation archiving, primary processing of the finds (cleaning, sorting, marking of artifacts, mending and cross-fitting of artifact fragments).

Start date: 06. September 2012
Project phases:
Field archaeology: 1 October to 20 December 2012. Compilation of excavation documentation und final report (analysis, interpretation and scientific processing of specific features): 20 December 2013

Key personnel:
Excavation director: Tibor Hable, MA archaeologist Director of the Fejér county museums
Assistant excavation director: Péter Prander, MA archaeologist (Salisbury Kft)

Project location: Route No 62, Seregélyes bypass
Mészáros-tanya, site identification number: 22310, Seregélyes
Réti-földek, site identification number: 37486, Seregélyes
Belmajor, site identification number: 73061, Seregélyes
Rác-völgy-dűlő, site identification number: 74480, Aba

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