Archaeological Excavation, Motorway M4 (Hungary) 6,6 ha

Project name:
Technical supervision of the preventive archaeological investigations on the designated sections of the motorway M4 between Berettyóújfalu-Nagykereki, finds documentation, post-excavation works, processing of finds

Short description:
Preventive excavation of a the settlement of the Chalcolithic period (Baden) and the late Copper Age, and a Gepid cemetery (207 tombs), in accordance with the professional protocol for linear infrastructure projects of the Hungarian National Museum and Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management to apply for linear infrastructure projects.

Research area: 65.872 m²

Client : Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management

Comprehensive execution of the following archaeological tasks: preparation and direction of archaeological excavation project, excavation of features, completion of professional archaeology and archaeological technical work, geodetic measurements, data recording, georeferencing, documentation archiving, primary processing of the finds (cleaning, sorting, marking of artifacts, mending and cross-fitting of artifact fragments).

Project phases:
Field works: 01. April to 13. July 2015
End date of compilation of excavation documentation und final report (analysis, interpretation and scientific processing of specific features): 13th July 2016

Key staff:
Excavation director: Zoltán Farkas, MA archaeologist. Mission: archaeological direction of the excavation works and preparation of the legal documentation according to heritage legislation, coordination of teams
Assistant excavaton director: Kocsis-Buruzs Gábor, MA archaeologist



Site name, location:

Somota dűlő, identification number 62138, Berettyóújfalu (Hungary)
Motorway M4, segments 0 + 000-32 + 030.59 km between Berettyóújfalu and Nagykereki (border)

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