Scientific analysis

The study of archaeological remains is an increasingly important dimension of modern archaeological research. The natural scientific analysis carried out by laboratory tests and other different techniques can tell us a great deal about civilizations or the ancient times everyday life. In some cases, they may provide much more historical data than direct field observations although context remains the key for valuable information to interpret sites. Salisbury Kft can provide a number of scientific analysis for its clients.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) metal analysis

XRF is an analytical technique used to rapidly and accurately identify alloy grades and pure metals without helium or vacuum purge. X-ray fluorescence, due to its nature, in most of the cases, no sample preparation is needed and even the most contaminated sample surfaces require at most minimal preparation. The analyser allows examination of small sample surface areas.

Stone tool and raw material analysis

When analysing stone tools, we examine their elaboration method, the way they could have been used and the raw material they are from. The map of original location of stone tool raw material sources contributes to the understanding of the relationships namely during prehistory between societies in those times.

Environmental reconstructions and pollen analysis

To reconstruct past environments, we analyse the geological, geographical and geomorphological features of an area by drilling and sample taking. We study the collected rock and pollen samples through microscopic analysis. As a result of the analysis, we are able to reconstruct original natural environment and past peoples' interactions with the landscapes they inhabited.

Archaeological anthropological analysis

Archaeological anthropology analysis aims to shed light on the human aspects of ancient people and to study phenomena of life which have occurred at any time and place. It consists of the identification, inventory and scientific analysis of human bone remains collected.

Archaeozoolgical analysis

It consist of the identification, examination and complex interpretation of faunal remains. Besides the animal bone fragments identification, archaeozoology provides us insights into the relationship between the animals and people with which they came into contact, diet and specific cultural aspects.

We also offer to tackle your other scientific analysis needs, such as:

  • radiocarbon dating
  • archaeobotanical analysis
  • ceramic analysis

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