Our firm undertakes a wide range of archaeological fieldworks. We carry out complete scientific archaeological excavation including soil removal by heavy equipment, excavation by hand, uncovering of features, field recording and all the geodesic and spatial information processing tasks. Field operations are executed under the direction of full-time archaeologists specializing in the period (Prehistory, Roman, Antiquity, Migration, Medieval or Modern Period) and with knowledge of the region’s archaeology.

We believe, the complexity of our full range of services ensures accurate and cost-effective execution as soon as possible. We have solutions to help our clients get development-led excavation projects finished within the shortest possible time while fully satisfying any professional requirements which is continuously monitored by our registered archaeologist staff.

For any type of excavation, our field services team is on hand to help our clients. We offer bespoke solutions for all range of projects whether in urban settings requiring specific conditions or over large surface areas.

In order to comply with the new legislation and meet clients’ needs, we acquired a Hungary-wide valid archaeological excavation license in 2015. Our firm is certified to ISO 9001 that demonstrates careful design and continuous follow-up of each step of fieldwork and post-fieldwork operations.

Our goal is to provide services at a level we would expect as an actor of whether the economic or the cultural sector.

Archaeological features - pits, walls, graves... - are excavated by experienced archaeological field technicians. Based on cooperation agreements our firm has concluded with universities providing archaeologist training, we offer field school programs to students to experience excavation firsthand. Every phase of professional work, their supervision and field recording is accomplished by our team of full-time archaeologists and field technicians with several decades’ experience.

Our geodesist and geomatics engineers use the latest equipment and technologies to provide the most cost-efficient geodetic measurement and spatial data treatment services for excavation projects.

We fully respect any existing field documentation protocol.

Mechanical excavation

We provide earth-moving machinery and dump trucks to excavate soil. We undertake mechanical stripping and stockpiling of soil, feature cleaning by removing of loose material and backfilling and grading to restore the original shape of the disturbed area. As part of the mechanical excavation, we can draw up topsoil management plan.

Our machinery includes the following:


  • wheeled excavator with rotating house, ditch cleaning bucket
  • portable soil screener with special cutting edge
  • all-terrain dump truck
  • tracked bulldozers with 4 m metal plate
  • front loader with 3 m3 bucket
  • skid loader and its attachments
  • water sprinkler truck for control dust and water supply
  • tracked excavator, full 360 degree rotating house, articulated arm, ditch cleaning bucket
  • wheeled trommel screen, 20 m3/h performance capacity
  • mobile wellpoint system to draw out groundwater
  • portable 3-phase induction generator
  • rotary cutter for brush and small branches clearing

Logistical technical support

Our firm provides logistical technical support for scientific excavations. We can install, according to the needs, portable toilet, mobile storage units, office containers equipped with air-conditioning for work or community area as well as locker room, bathroom and winterized tents (with interconnectable modules and provisions for heating and electricity). We can install temporary utilities of water and electricity, obtain the required permits as well, and ensure safe temporary or long-term storage of finds collected.

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