Cultural heritage services

Building of exhibitions and museum spaces

We design, print, mount posters and exhibit panels for exhibitions. We have a skilled team of professionals at your service to produce scale models, statuettes, lifelike human figures or provide full design and set up of exhibitions and interior details.
Over the last 15 years, we have built new multi-storey exhibition wing, museum cafe and conference room for museums. We have participated in the creation of a research centre including open-view store room. We have conducted complete renovation of the local museum’s historic building in Szentendre. Our firm has taken part in many innovative projects from museum shop and representative café construction through ingenious exhibition space design to tactile museum for the blind.

Artwork replicas

We can make museum artwork replicas for museum exhibitions, archaeological parks, as part of interior decoration or to sell in museum shops. We have reproduced tactile artworks from the collection of a permanent archaeological exhibition for the blind and partially sighted persons: ceramic vessels, Bronze Age swords, upper arm bracelets, spear heads, sickles, Celtic fibulae, hollow bulge and globule decorated ankle rings, Avar strap ends, buckles, Roman fibulae, coins, iron tools, Goth fibulae. We can supply museum shops with Celtic and Roman jewellery replicas including some 30 items.

Creation of historic interior spaces

We use our expertise based on the knowledge of the past not only for archaeological parks and exhibition design. For film and theatre productions, we can make authentic interiors, pieces of furniture, upholstery fabrics, building elements, home furnishings under the direction of our team of experts. For a movie set in 1204 Finland, we have made wooden window shutters, Swiss chests, thrones, baldachin beds, separating walls with columns and windows, reliquary, flags and wrought-iron objects. Wooden objects have been made from solid timber, all the surface treatment, antique finish as well as the painting reflects the excellent handwork done by our staff.

Restoration of monuments, historic gardens

We have considerable experience as general contractor in architectural renovation and extension works of listed buildings, restoration of gardens of historic interest around castles and manor houses.

Expert opinion and legal advice in heritage management

Our partner law firm specializing in heritage law and experienced team of registered expert archaeologists provide you advocacy services and professional advice.

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