3D technology

3D technology

We were one of the first European firms to use point cloud based laser scanning technology not only for architecture and heritage monument preservation purposes but archaeological work as well.

Three dimensional scanning is one of the more reliable methods for recording the geometry and the state of historical monuments. Laser scanning can be particularly valuable in case of future restoration since it records the present state of a heritage element, providing the basis for the study of its original state. It is equally suitable for internal and external architectural elements.

As the output of 3D scanning processes, point clouds can be further processed with the instrument software and provide the basis for subsequent workflow - different reconstructions, virtual tours. Its great advantage against picture-based technologies is that the millions of points gathered allow accurate calculations of geometry and countless spatial visualizations.

During the field work, this technology allows us to capture in situ any feature or spatial formation irrespective of their size and make 3D models to undertake astonishing 3D visualization, examine them from all angles, create countless cross sections or use them for precise measurements.


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